1st Birthday Gifts for the Second Child

I can’t believe that in less than a month my sweet baby girl will be one-year-old. The year has flown by. She is supposed to still be my cuddly little newborn, but instead she is little miss independent. She loves to play in the toy kitchen, climb up onto everything, and is talking all the time. “Uh-oh” is her favorite word with “Mama” and “Dada” close behind. The other day when my husband got home from work she greeted him with, “Hey, Dada!”. It was the most adorable thing ever. She wants to do whatever her big sister is doing and since she’s almost walking it won’t be long before she’ll actually be able to keep up with her.

I’m planning a little party for the family at our house and I’m really excited about the decorations, food, and cake that I have planned but I’ve been having a hard time figuring out what to do about her gift. The problem is that she is our second child (actually our second daughter), so we have everything one can imagine that a little girl this age could want or need. And for a lot of things we even have two. I definitely want to take advantage of being able to use things that we already have, but I also want her to have some things that are just hers as well. I’ve been racking my brain and have come up with my picks for great birthday gift options for that special little one-year-old in your life that already has everything!

  1. Personalized Name Puzzle – These are great as keepsakes as well as helping your budding little linguist learn his name and letters. It also looks great on display in his room!

2. Growth Chart – Little ones love seeing how much they grow and a growth chart is a great way to document this and not have to leave it behind on the door frame when you move!

3. Personalized Book – This is another great keepsake that is perfect for teaching your little one about language and instilling a love of reading at an early age. Once they realize that the book is all about them you’ll be reading it over, and over, and over again!

4. Pool Float – Here in the south it already so incredibly hot. We’ve already been enjoying time in the water. A float like this is perfect to let baby have fun in the water and keep her shaded as well.

5. Musical Instruments – Kids of all ages love to make music, so this is a great way for the baby to play with his older siblings. Just make sure you have an assortment of instruments, so that everyone can pick their favorite.

6. Shoes – If she’s not already on the move, it won’t be long before you’ll need something to protect those tiny little feet and in my experience shoes for kids this age actually don’t last that long even though they’re not doing a ton of walking because their also down crawling around a lot. So, even if you have plenty of clothes left over from big sister, the shoes are probably worn out. Just be sure to pick out a pair that’s not only cute, but will stay on her feet.

7. Shape Sorting Toy – You’ve definitely got at least one of these if you have an older child, but it’s a great developmental toy, so maybe it’s time to upgrade. I love that these also teach them about cleaning up since all the shapes end up inside!

8. Stacking Toy – We have one of those old school stacking toys. You know the one. It looks exactly like the one you had when you were a kid. I love how the “gears” on this one spin down as you put them on, so we might just have to upgrade this one as well.