Easter Baskets for the Egg Hunt

Its time to start planning Easter festivities! Actually, who am I kidding. I’ve been thinking about Easter since Valentine’s Day or maybe even before. It’s one of my favorite holidays because of what it means for my Christian faith as a time of rebirth and renewal. And because it coincides with the start of Spring which is my favorite season. It feels like an awakening as we emerge from our winter hibernation. And for Easter baskets, of course. I LOVE Easter baskets and colorful eggs, and fluffy bunnies, and marshmallow peeps!

Growing up my mom used the same Easter basket for us each year and I like that idea. I still have and treasure my white woven basket and I used it for Grace last year, but I always see such cute new baskets each year and I haven’t decided what we’ll do long term yet. This year the girls have new colorful baskets that their daddy picked out for them.

Easter Baskets perfect for the egg hunt!