Easter Egg Bouquet

“We don’t touch decoration. Right, Mommy?!” I simultaneously laughed and cheered when Grace said this to me the other day. I’m really more of a less is more kind of person when it comes to having accessories on display around the house, but what I do have is not exactly toddler friendly. I’m all about baby proofing, but at the same time if you take everything away that you don’t want them to touch how will you ever be able to teach them that some things are not to play with. So ever since she was old enough to reach my things I’ve been saying this to Grace over and over and, honestly, sometimes I feel like I’m wasting my breath. Then she says this out of the blue, so maybe it is working! Just in time for round two since Camille is becoming more and more mobile every second.

Some things are easier for little fingers to resist than others, though, and I know that eggs, especially easter eggs, are next to impossible to avoid. I think they call out to toddlers to be touched. So when I ran across these egg picks, I thought that they would make the perfect little toddler friendly bouquet. I had planned for Grace to help me with this as one of our “big girl” activities that we do when Camille is napping, but of course Grace took an extra long nap and two seconds after we got started Camille woke up too and wanted to help. Luckily, this is so easy and comes together so quickly that we got it done even with an extra set of hands.

One of my sprigs of onion grass came with these little purple butterflies. I had planned to remove these, but Grace insisted that we needed a butterfly and I’m so glad she did! It adds just the right amount of whimsy to this colorful bouquet.

Easter Egg Bouquet


1 Small Planter (Mine is 7″high by about 5″ diameter)

40 – 50 Easter Egg Picks (I used these that come in packs of 10 and I had one pack of 5 that were slightly larger)

Artificial Onion Grass Sprigs

1 Rubber Band

Make it

1. Gather all the eggs into a bouquet in your hands. Move a few around as necessary to distribute the colors until you like the arrangement. If you have some larger eggs like I did do the small ones first and then stick the large ones in as accents. Once you have the eggs arranged to your liking wrap a rubber band around the sticks.

2. Place the bouquet into your planter.

3. Separate the onion grass sprigs into sections of 4-5 stalks and stuff these down in between the eggs.

4. That’s it. Super easy, right?!