Fun in the Sun(glasses)

We’ve been having fun in the sun every chance we get around here. Now that Grace is out of school for the summer going for walks, playing at the park and splashing in the pool are just a few of our regular activities. I love being outside in the sunshine and so do my girls, but all three of us have light sensitive blue eyes. My husband got us all shades from Knockaround and we wear them constantly. Grace actually does wear hers in the house sometimes! I love that they are durable enough to stand up to toddler use (or rather abuse) or being thrown into my “mom bag” so that I always have them close at hand. The simple style and cool color combos are awesome and look even more adorable on a two year old. Baby Camille even has a tiny pair that look super cute for the 1.5 seconds that she’ll leave them on her face.

The price also can’t be beat. So you can have a couple of the cool designs without breaking the bank. My husband even had the cute idea to get us all matching pairs for our beach vacation. They do custom orders, but it’s even more fun to get the matte white design and go to town creating your own custom look with a set of Sharpies. Grace and I loved designing our own. Can you guess which pair is hers! I knew that they would come out looking like this, but I love it even more than I thought I would.