Oversized Felt Valentine Envelopes 

I wanted to do something special and cute for my littlest loves for Valentine’s Day. I was shopping in my favorite department store and saw a cute felt envelope. I thought that Grace would absolutely love it because she loves to go check the mail with her daddy and she’s fascinated by stamps. Although, I think that’s just because she thinks they are stickers! But, of course, as my luck would have it there was only one of them and I needed one for both of my sweet Valentines. I didn’t pout for long, though as I was pretty confident that I could make one and make it even more adorable. I had them completely designed in my head before I even got home. Here’s what I did.

Materials for one envelope

2 – 12 x 18 sheets of 8 mm gray felt
1 – 8.5 x 11 sheet of stiffened red felt
Red and white packaging twine
Pink yarn
Fabric glue
Large embroidery needle

Cut out two triangles to make the sides from one of the gray felt pieces. It should be an equilateral triangle with 8″ sides. Cut out the hearts and stamp from the red felt. The hearts are about 1.5″ x 1.5″ and the stamp is 2″ x 3.

Fold the other piece of gray felt in half width wise to locate the centerline. Hand embroider the name or word of your choice centered on this line. Here are some tips and stitch ideas for hand embroidery. I used a soft graphite pencil to write the names of my girls first. Most of this will come off as you work, but if there is any leftover you can clean it off with a damp cloth.

Turn the piece over and pin the side panels in place. These will be centered long the length of the felt. Attach with a whip stick in the red and white yarn on the outside edge leaving half an inch between the stitches.


After attaching the sides draw a line from the center of the top and bottom flaps to about half an inch from the corners of the side flaps. Cut along these lines to form the triangular top and bottom flaps of the envelope. Next fold these down and iron with your iron on the hottest setting to set the flaps. Make sure to put a piece of fabric in between the felt and the iron or the felt will melt and you’ll have a sticky mess on the bottom of your iron.

Glue the two side triangle flaps together in the middle. Then put glue along the edge of the bottom flap and fold it up to create the pocket of the envelope.

Turn the envelope over and glue the stamp in the top right corner. Then cover the entire envelope with books to keep everything secure while the glue dries. Refer to your glue for how long it takes to dry.

felt-envelopes-15After the glue dries sew on the small hearts with two crossing stitches in the pink yarn to make the closure. When you do the closure on the top flap tie a knot in the end of 10″ piece of the red and white string. Bring your needle with pink yarn up from the back of the top flap, then through the knot you tied in the string and then finally through the heart.

Fill with the Valentines of your choice. I did a bunch of sticker books for Grace and some teethers and fabric book for Camille.