Say, “Cheese”

My husband and I have a nightly tradition. After eating dinner as a family and getting the girls to bed, we have dessert together on the couch. Usually it’s not too fancy. Cookies or ice cream or maybe both. Tonight Philip had to work late, so the kids were already asleep when he got home and after a busy week, I had already taken my spot on the couch. He had promised to bring home dessert, so that I could go ahead and relax. I had no idea what to expect and was surprised by this decadent cheese plate. Counterclockwise from the top we had Marin French Brie, Miti Cana de Oveja, Elberton Bleu, and Lindale. To accompany this spread we had some Peppered Umami beef jerky and a Scotch. Well, he had a Scotch and he made me a Scotch cocktail. I’m not a huge fan of the peaty taste of Scotch straight, but add some honey, bitters and a little water and you’ve got the perfect sipping cocktail. I know it’s a little random, but that’s how we like to roll. Hello weekend.