Almost Spring Flowers – A Bud Vase Arrangement 

Spring is in the air! There’s still a few more weeks until it’s officially Spring, but today was a beautiful sunny 70 degree day here and we just HAD to get outside for a few minutes. I have a collection of bud vases on the ledge in my kitchen that I use as a deconstructed flower arrangement of sorts. When I’m out and about walking the dogs or playing outside with my daughters we collect sprigs to display, so it’s constantly changing. The beautiful weather we had today was perfect for us to get outside and find some new treasures. Sometimes we find weeds or sticks. It’s just a collection of whatever catches our eye and it’s my absolute favorite display in the house.

Tips for Bud Vase Arrangements 

1. Keep containers consistent in color – You can use any style or color container that you like, but it’s most effective as one cohesive arrangement if they are a similar color. I’m using actual bud vases, but you can use a collection of any type of container.

2. Choose containers that are different heights – This is important to give the arrangement vertical dimension. If you’re just finding clippings out in your yard as we often do this also give you some versatility to make the clippings that you find work. 

3. Don’t feel like you have to fill every container – I have this arrangement in my kitchen most of the time and we just change out the clippings as necessary. Some times we don’t come across enough items to fill every vase and that’s ok. Less is sometimes more and negative space just emphasizes the beautiful things in the other vases even more. 

4. Think outside the box – Don’t only look for flowers. Look for the beauty in blades of grass, twigs, leaves, even spent flowers can sometimes be perfect to display. Since I’m usually finding the things for the vases with my toddler I sometimes feel like I don’t have to try that hard to accomplish this. They see beauty in the most unexpected places.