Every Tuesday morning we go to toddler story time at the public library. It is one of the highlights of our week. Grace loves books and loves to “read”. I feel as though I don’t read as much with Camille as I did with Grace, so hopefully I can catch up in the coming months. It was definitely easier to do with only one child, but I think it’s also Camille’s personality. She doesn’t like to sit and rock and read and drift off to sleep. When she gets tired she yawns once and the next thing you know she’s asleep. Grace used to take forever to fall asleep and I would read books over and over and over to her until she did. I think that’s one reason why she likes them so much.

After storytime we roam the aisles looking for books to take home. Grace absolutely loves this. We usually just both pull a few at random, but sometimes Grace has a topic in mind and we look it up. Then we head home, sit on the couch and read everything at least once.

Sometimes I start reading and realize that even though it was in the kids section the book is not exactly appropriate for a two and a half year old, so then I start making up a story to go along with the pictures. Luckily this hasn’t happened too often.

Then other times we find a great book like this one called The North Star by Peter Reynolds. It is simply written, but the message is pretty deep and I’m sure that she doesn’t comprehend the meaning, but it’s the one that she has asked me to read every night this week before bed. It’s beautifully illustrated and it’s really a lovely little story appropriate for all ages about the journey of life. I just love the line that reads “Ask yourself where it is you want to go, and then follow the signs you already know.”  It would be a great gift for little ones, recent graduates or anyone you would like to inspire to seek their own unique potential. Since we have to return this one to the library I ordered it here to add to our bookshelf.


Have you read an inspirational book lately? Let me know in the comments.

2 thoughts on “Storytime

  1. I can’t say I’ve picked up any inspirational stories for quite some time. But the books that poured the most colour and imagination into my very early childhood were written by Graeme Base – Sign of the Seahorse, The Eleventh Hour and the Worst Band in the Universe in particular. Some of his stories dealt with themes that worked well for adults, but also gave me a complex story I could really enjoy even as a little one. The rhymes are just lovely, and the art is to die for.

    For lighter texts, Slinky Malinki (and the Harry Maclary books in general) by Lynley Dodd was just a riot. I would read that as a little girl with my mum and laugh so much over Slinky Malinki’s antics.

    Angel and the Soldier Boy was also a stunning book. It has no text, but the illustrations and the plot were also gorgeous, and it was a book we kept for years and years because it was too beautiful to give away until other families we knew had children, and would therefore be able to enjoy it like we had.

    All of these are books that I still have such fond memories of even now I’m an adult. 🙂

    1. I still love the stories that I read as a child too and they are my favorite to my little ones.

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