To grandmother’s house we go – Road trip essentials for toddlers

Road trips with little ones can be a little testy, but it’s not impossible to do. We hit the road quite a bit for weekend getaways or to visit my family who lives about five hours away. Grace has been asking to go play with her cousins for quite some time and since she is on spring break this week I decided to make the drive down to visit my family. Like I do before every trip I put together a road trip kit with toys and treats to keep the girls entertained while they are “stuck” in their carseats. The essentials are toys that are compact, mess free, and something that I know will provide more than 5 minutes of distraction. Books are great and work for both girls. Grace loves “paint with water” activity books and of course I throw in one of her Leap Frog “computers” to help pass the time.

I’m so glad that they now make so many options for spill resistant containers and cups for snacks and drinks. Time is critical when traveling with toddlers and you don’t have time to waste cleaning up spills.

Grace is old enough to realize that if she drops a toy (or throws it) she’s not getting it back for a while, but for Camille I rely on toys with hooks or pacifier clips to keep everything within reach and avoid a potential melt down if one were to hit the floor. I like to pack all of this in a handy little tote to make it easy to transport to and from the car as well as provide easy access while on the road.

Here’s what our kit looked like for this trip (shop links below).